140 cars on 1.5 acres?

I was cruising Craigslist and found this:
Guy selling house and 140 cars on 1.5 acres. That’s packing them in there! Got a few Cougars listed.

He says he has 140 cars, but the tally is actually 134 - the 6 Gremlins don’t count. On a more serious note, one must always be careful of this kind of sale ( as if most of us have a million dollars kicking around for this kind of venture ! ). Very often there are impending changes with respect to property zoning and land use by-laws in the rural counties, that would necessitate removal of non-titled ( scrap ) cars. Another consideration is mandatory EPA regulations for the removal and storage of oils, coolants etc. Also any contamination of surface soil or potential contamination of water / aquifers might have to be remediated or prevented by construction of berms or use of containment membranes.
This could be a LOT more expensive than the one dollar extra that was tacked onto the million dollar price tag.

This very much resembles what I bought 22 years ago for $250 except the home was a worthless double wide. If one has organizational skills, an ebay account and does not have an “attitude” or other glaring issues a deal like this can be a cash cow. Yet another Californian that is spooked and wants to flee…

Palmdale / Lancaster area.
Might be a code enforcement issue, cars might have to be moved by a certain date.

If the house and land is worth $600K, that’s comes to $2,800 per car.

If this is in an unincorporated area of LA County any code enforcement would be considerably less strict than in the cities of Palmdale or Lancaster. Still, it’s a big mess to deal with. Plus, are there titles for any of the vehicles?

It’s about 5 miles from my house.

That view into the “back yard” would drive even my wife, saint that she is, bat “stuff” crazy.

Somehow I’m thinking both he and CA would be happier if he left…

There are a lot of similar properties in that area. A few years ago there was a guy who had a yard full of Opel Mantas.

About ten miles east there is a massive yard full of Cadillacs. The “Cadillac King”.