1967 Cougar requested for Detroit area show

On Fathers Day in Detroit, Grosse Pointe to be precise, the annual Eyes on Design show is held at the Edsel Ford mansion. This is an invitation only event. One of the organizers reached out to me as the selection committee is looking to have a 1967 Cougar on display this year. This is a high-end Concours style show with a wide range of vehicles-cars and motorcycles. Is anyone on the board here interested in offering their 1967 Cougar for review by the committee and possibly attending the show this year?

Anybody, anybody?

Bueller, Bueller, Bueller?

I have a 67XR7-GT in very good shape I might be interested.

Thank you very much. Your car looks great!
I’ve sent this picture to my buddy who’s in charge of motorcycle exhibits and he’ll relay it to the car contact. I’d they’d like to know more I’ll ask for your contact info for them.

Thanks again cougarrand. I heard back from my contact after he heard back from the car contact. They have found a car locally for the show. Thank you for your interest on behalf of the organizers.