1967 Cougar Tear Down for Mods

I bought this car in 2008 from a guy in LA and its been sitting in my garage for the last 12 years in Knoxville, TN. A month ago I decided to start getting the car back on the road with some significant mods. So far I have removed everything from the car that could be taken off except the rolling parts. Found some rust in the floor pan and also discovered that the lower cowl was leaking and that cause the floor pan to rust. Removed the last piece of glass today and am delighted to find absolutely no rust anywhere else. This car for the most part appears to be a survivor. The car goes to the metal fab guy in Feburary to install a new floor pan, lower cowl, and upgraded suspension front and back with TCI products. Getting very excited about this build!

Mike Tuck

Post pictures of you progress as you go. We like to see the process and end result.

Always great to learn of an old Cougar that will be getting back on the road.

Stripped down to unibody. Working on Por15 coating from A-C pillar and up including the inner roof.

Looks pretty solid Mike. I built a road course Cougar using TCI & total control products for suspension. Here is the thread.

Nicely done!

I used to race in the NASA circuit but got too expensive at $2000 per weekend. Raced Road Atlanta, Barber, Daytona Rolex, Mid-Ohio and VIR. It is definitely a blast but just expensive

Car on the rotisserie and going to media blast today with a little help from the grandson. Will find out how much of a survivor it is.

Mike Tuck

There is a pair of braces in the back seat area. Have a good look at the welds as they are prone to pop off. Your metal guy may want to beef them up. Looks like you are going for better handling suspension so you will need all the chassis stiffness you can get. Have you decided on what engine/trans you are going to use? Thanks again for the pics.

FYI, makes some brackets to bolt the rotisserie to the frame rail shackle in back. The rear bumper location isn’t strong enough for the weight and you’ll end up bending the bumper mounts.

Is it a real late built 1967? It has the 1968 style package tray that accepts the rear window defog unit.

Built August 17, 1967

Thanks for the heads up. Will look into this.

Mike Tuck

Gen 3 Coyote with Tremec TKX 5 speed


Is the photo showing front suspension showing two different versions of the springs? Looks like bag(s) on driver side?

Looks like it will be a fun ride.

Yes…options for air ride or coil overs…I purchased Ridetech coil overs