1967 Key code location

PO lost the keys to the 1967 Cougar I just bought. I know the key code for the trunk and glove box is located in the glove box. Is there a code imprinted anywhere for the ignition and doors. I don’t see any reason to replace them, they are in good shape.

It was on a stamped aluminum ring that came with the car when new. Fat chance of it being in the car now.

A new set of locks for the door and ignition are cheap. You will need the ignition switch too. All are less than $100 from any of the Mustang / Cougar part sellers.

It has no ring. The owners manual is not for my car either. It’s for the XR-7. I was hoping it was imprinted on a lock cylinder like the glove box is.

Bama91, I found my key code on my door lock cylinder. John

Thank you. Gonna pull my doors as soon as I can get it in the shop.

A good lock smith cam make keys with out the codes. I had it done before. They work the lock 1 tumbler at a time, measure it and cut the key. Last time I had it done it was about $40.00 a lock. That was back in about 1995. Call around to local lock smiths and see what they can do for you.

I think Don in one of the videos they did on how too’s, said that the code is marked on the glove box or trunk locks. Im thinking it was the glove box. This doesn’t help though for the ignition key.

Interesting. I just finished dissassembling the passenger door on my 68 parts car, didn’t find any key code on the door lock cylinder. San Jose built car.

I looked up the code locations and some 67-68 models had it stamped on the drivers door lock cylinder. Some were found on the passengers. You have to rub over it with steel wool because it is faint.

Hmmm, headed back out to the garage with some steel wool…

Nah, no markings on the passenger side door lock cylinder after rubbing down with steel wool. The driver’s side door was severely sideswiped in an accident in the late 70’s, and the lockset was probably ripped out and thrown to the pavement upon impact, so obviously unable to check that!

I should point out that my code was on the drivers side lock cylinder and I also used steel wool and a magnifying glass to see the code. I just looked at my passengers side lock cylinder and didn’t see a code there either. John

Says on the page I found you are lucky to get 2 of the numbers on the door lock. They are very faint. But WCCC can cut you new keys off the code. $16.50 each.

Try looking here at WCCC’s. they have key code location information.


The complete set for ignition and doors is $22 - click here.


That is very cost effective. I figured that type of set would cost quite a bit more.

i didn’t find that set very sturdy, though.

Bought the set, and i took the passenger lock to a locksmith, and he made it match the ignition key, no problem. The ignition switch stayed in the bag, with the driver’s side lock, and it simply “blew open” the cap holding the springs and locks just let go. Springs and lock pins loose in the bag. useless to me now. They look cheaply crimped.

But you have to have the key to remove the trunk lock cylinder. They are kinda hard to find. So if you buy the entire setup for the trunk it runs about $180.00 and you still have to match the glove box lock or carry an extra key.

From my understanding, the key code for the trunk and the glove box is stamped on the glove box lock.

Here is the link to confirm that.

That’s where I found my other code, on the glove box lock. John