1968 Cougar with AC - blower motor replacement

I am helping my son restore a 1968 XR7 that has been sitting about 20 years now. We have all the interior back in the car, and just found out that AC/Heater blower fan motor isn’t working. I applied 12V directly and still nothing from the blower. Also, checked and I am getting 11.6 Volts on the supplier to the blower, so I’m pretty certain the blower might be stuck or just dead.

My question is this - in order to replace the blower motor, does the entire AC/Heater box assembly need to be removed?

To be honest, there doesn’t look like there is enough clearance to do it any other way.

Thanks, Scott

Happy day, problem resolved. Before tackling the tough job of pulling everything out, I grabbed another 1968 AC box and blower assembly that I had. to see if there was anyway to access the squirrel cage without tearing everything out. I noticed that on the top side of the motor, there is a opening that you can put your fingers in and actually turn the motor and squirrel cage (not visible when mounted in the car). At first turning it was a bit stiff, but then it seemed to turn freely. I re-hooked everything back up and viola the motor works fine on all speeds. It was either slightly stuck, or had a dead spot on the brushes after sitting for nearly 20 years in the same spot.