1968 Xr7 A/C Clutch removal

Does the A/C clutch removal, require a pulley puller?
How do you remove the clutch?


There’s a big nut that can be removed with an impact gun. The inside of the clutch is threaded so only a large bolt that fits the threads is needed to remove the clutch once the nut is gone.

It’s a huge bolt, I did not have one that big but found one at the local hardware store that fit.

I just finished researching on the Vintage Mustang Forum, and read that I need a **5/8" x 11 bolt.
I had removed the center bolt, but did not notice that the washer underneath said bolt, was hiding the internal threads. Thanks Royce, now I can fix the wire that the rats chewed off.

You just need a bolt that is 2” long. Keep it in your tool kit for next time.