1968 Xr7 Water dripping from heater box drain

Trying to get this project sorted. Finally got her running. Put some water to the radiator, and briefly ran the motor. Almost immediately I saw water dripping from the heater box overflow. I’m guessing that is what it is coming from. Short piece of corrugated plastic hose very low on the firewall. If i’m right, should I assume that the Heater Core, is shot?

Does the water smell like antifreeze, assuming you put it in the radiator?, if so yeah, a heater core.

I’d be very delicate with taking that hoses off though. You dont want to do damage to that box or pipes by doing a bunch of pulling and wiggling. Thise are sometimes brittle, already old and breakoff if not handled right.

Basically a systems test, was not sure the radiator would even hold water. No antifreeze.