1969 428 CJ ELIMINATOR Fantasy Bid / ebay auction

Since there are a lack of Cougars to entertain us at BJ this year I thought it would be fun to throw this one into the mix and I too will be offering a $50 gift certificate (pre-paid in store credit). Same basic rules apply to this contest as Robs. Good Luck!


Winner will receive a $50 WCCC gift certificate for the person who fantasy bids closest on this Cat. Only one entry per person. Closest can be over or under, but under wins in event of a tie. You can edit your bid, so long as you do it before Friday 1-19 at 5 pm PST. Void where prohibited. Judge’s ruling is final.



Tough one! I’m gonna guess $55k. It is a very solid, nice car, but it does need some work here and there to really be top notch.

(I’m not technically eligible for the prize since I work at WCCC… just guessing for kicks)

I’m going with… $48,257

Haven’t had a chance to watch the video yet, but the auction pics are phenomenal! Great job, Andrew!

I actually watched the video first :smoke: 49.5K

It is a nice vid. $39,750

Glad you guys approve of the pics and video :smiley: Pics were very last-minute, we got lucky and had a sun break the day before listing the auction.

I noticed an error in the video, d’oh! At about 21 minutes, some text comes up saying “this has been fixed since filming.” The timing is off, it should be a few seconds later when Don points out the crooked steering wheel. Once in a while that can happen, when shuffling around one layer in my editing program, things on the layer above don’t get moved along with it. Oh well.

Lots of lowish guesses here, I hope it exceeds expectations.


I say $57,000. Good luck with the sale.

I noticed that. :whistle: :wink: At first I thought it referenced the low fuel light until Don talked about it, then the steering wheel verbaged happened and it was obvious what you meant. But I agree with previous posters – great photos and video; I always enjoy watching the videos you guys put out. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

The floorpans and inner fenders on that thing are seriously awe-inspiring. Worth buying just for that! And missing the original engine and having been painted and such? – There are enough museum pieces sitting around out there. Drive it like you stole it…oops, hit a post in the parking lot backing up (whoops! Been there/done that/got the shirt) – bummer, get it fixed and rock on. I like it!

$62K. R code, nice color, true Eliminator, solid car.

my bid at 50K


If it doesn’t sell on Ebay, try Bring A Trailer.

Jason at Denwerks said the same thing.


$61,000 for a very nice car.

I’m throwing in at $64,280.

Good luck, Don and consignor.


$54,500. Its still a R code. Good luck with the sale!