1969 grille black shading restoration shade and brand recommendations?

Going to redo the black shading on a 1969 grille. What shade of black (flat, semi-flat, satin, matte, semi-gloss etc.) is it supposed to be and what brand should I look for?

I don’t know the true definition of Black via FoMoCo for the grille paint. Krylon Satin Black is what I have chosen for detailing both 69 & 70 front grille parts. The headlight buckets seem to have higher gloss than the grille halves. I haven’t tried any other spray can brands.

SEM Trim Black the best for doing all black detailing.

+1 on SEM Trim Black, awesome stuff.

LOVE SEM trim black. I restored my WCCC restored front grilles/rear bezels and they look fresh from the factory - unbelievable! Using 3 coats SEM primer & 3 coats SEM trim black left me amazed with the results - wife said they look brand new! [End of commercial :smiley: ]

I too used the SEM trim black for the headlight doors. I did however use a different satin black for the headlight bucket assembly. The trim rings are also SEM trim black as well. The best way I found to spray it was several light coats with short in between dry time.