1969 Q code XR7 ‘vert at Mecum Dallas

Beautiful Cougar - thanks for posting the photos.

  • Phillip

Beautiful car, wish the owner good bidding.
I noticed no Caution Fan sticker, and he should get rid of that tag under the pos. cable, that is another caution tag that has to be on repo batt. that was never on the original, just like tags on bedding, to be removed by owner.


Just sold for $88k (plus commission which Mecum has jacked up to 10% each way this year).

This one actually made the broadcast too.


$96,800 with commission which is a little soft on price judging from it’s condition.

Thanks for the link Todd.

  • Phillip

HUH, that car looks familiar. I restored that one. She fought me all the way. Was a good car, just was Murphys law, What ever could go wrong did. Never so glad to see a car go away.
One thing comes to mind. Had the car up on 12" blocks for ease of working. Had just put on the hood trim and eyebrows which I had paid 500 dollars to have restored and polished. I came home from work and the car was off the blocks and forward, smashed into the work bench. It smashed the trim and eyebrow, buckled the hood, dented bottom of fender and dented freshly polished sport special rocker trims.
I was sick! What the Hell happened?
When I left for work I had noticed the front tire a little low. (new tires,restored wheels) While at work the tire had gone flat. My blocks had strips front and rear to act as blocks to hold tire. For some reason and I don’t remember why I took the front one off to do some work. Since it was off I stuck a hammer there to be safe. My girlfriend was over helping me clean the shop and picked up the hammer.
When the tire went flat it pushed it forward off the blocks crashing into the work bench. Of course the car was in park! But the driveshaft was on the bench being striped.
Painted the hood for the fourth time. First time I buffed thru the paint, second time a horse fly did the backstroke across fresh paint, next was the crash.
Jokingly asked the guy who restored the trim if he warrantied his work? He said he would see if he could fix it. They came back good as new. After hearing what had happened, he said No Charge!
Paint is single stage. Was no clear in 69!