1969 XR7 Convertible pin striping details

Had my 1969 XR7 Convertible repainted (Maroon) several years ago but never had the white pin stripe re-done.
Can anyone help me with the line widths and spacing for the stripes. I’m planning on taking it to a paint shop that does pin striping but I doubt they’ll know the specifics for my car and I want to make it as original as possible. I’m assuming they are painted and not decals.
Any input would be appreciated.

Original painted stripes on my early 70 measure .085” thick for top stripe. Not sure if it was intentional or not, but the bottom stripe is just a tiny bit thicker at .10”. Spacing between stripes is .188 (3/16”). Picture shows additional detail at the front.

Thank you for the numbers.

Others here may know the answer, but I have a theory about the two different pinstripe thicknesses. I bet they are both supposed to be roughly .094 (3/32”) but the paint pools in the bottom side of the paint roller more than the top. Result is slightly thicker bottom stripe.

This view shows how pinstripes were masked at front edge of door - similar for other gaps. You can see a slight bit of paint spreading where the stripe contacted the masking tape.

Not to push my luck too hard but…
Can you please give me the (approximate) measurement from the top edge of the car to the top pin stripe?
Thank you.

Not a problem! 5/8” from body crease (top of fender) to top stripe.

Thank you.
I finally found a “Guy” who will paint on a pinstripe and I wanted to get as many details as i could to help him get it right.
Just about everybody I contacted either didn’t do it or could only put on a vinyl stripe.

Awesome! I bet that is almost a lost art these days. But that pretty cat needs its stripes! Will be anxious to see pics when done!