1969 XR7 Radio Bezel

My new 69 is remarkably intact, but there are a number of problems I need to restore to original. I pulled the aftermarket stereo and found a butcher’s hand at work. The bezel and bracket are destroyed, and both of the side trim panels were cut to fit the new faceplate.

I am hoping to find a serviceable Burled Walnut bezel and the stereo mounting bracket. I’m also looking for a factory AM/FM 8 Track, which was original for this car. Blemishes are OK, since most of the interior is original and I am trying to keep her that way.

Thank you for your time,


Gratuitous picture of the intended recipient.

Hi Joel ! Welcome to the ‘community’ ! Nice looking Cougar. Good to hear you’re after originality with your ride.
The audio options for the '69 Cougar were :
(1) AM radio
(2) AM - 8 track player ( with door speakers )
(3) AM / FM radio.
Ford did not offer an AM/FM-8 Track during this ( first ) generation of Cougar. I’ve seen AM/FM-8 Track players as early as 1972 in Ford products , so I’d assume that they were optional for 2nd gen. Cougars as well.

You’re right. It came originally with an AM/8-track. I missed the lack of FM. My first Cougar had an AM/FM Stereo with door speakers, so now I think it is the best choice to keep the dash looking original and support the existing door speakers.

Hello Joel. Echoing member gah’s previous post intro… Welcome to the CCC ! And, your 69 XR7 appears to be in very good original condition.
Congratulations on acquiring a Cougar such as yours. On your parts needs topic, I have available:
A couple used XR7 burled radio bezels in decent condition. Used inner lower dash caps that flank the radio / heater control opening.
And, a 70 AM/FM stereo radio with all knobs & both front / rear mounting brackets. Working condition unknown, but to be safe, would say not working.
I also have a partial NOS 69 Cougar A/M (Philco) radio kit… which is probably not what your seeking for your stereo optioned Cougar.

FMI on any of the above mentioned parts, you’re welcome to call / text: 765 - Six, Six, One - Three, Zero, Seven, Eight (Indiana / EST zone). Thanks.

Text sent. Also interested in the '70 window glass and brackets you posted in another thread.

Many folks back in the day added an FM converter to the stock AM Radio. Nowdays those FM converters are all over eBay selling very cheap.

I sent you a PM regarding the correct AM / 8 track.