1970 comfortweave seats

I’d like to find either a front or rear highback comfortweave seat that has some of the material available for patching my seats. I don’t want the frame or any parts of the seat structure - just the vinyl. My color code is 5D, dark red.

Here is a link to a white set of comfort weave seats covers. They can order it in red. You might look into the perforations. I heard that perforations don’t look quite right.


My 1970 came with red comfort weave. The previous owner replaced it with leather. I like the out come!

also check out https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/

The point is that in the current reproductions there are no perforations, it is solid vinyl.

The original comfortweave was made of woven vinyl.

Pour water on the original, and it runs right through it - which is why I assumed that Ford did not offer it on convertibles - at least on the Mustang. It would end up in the padding. I’m not sure what they did with the Cougar. If you could get it on a Cougar convertible, I’ll have to readjust my assumption.

Pour water on the new stuff, and you have a puddle on top of the vinyl.

1970 standard Cougar convertibles had comfortweave as the “base” interior.

Thanks for the info