1970 convertible inner rocker panels

Are inner convertible rockerpanels(frame rails) available? I cant seam to find any for cougars? and assume mustang parts are to short?

Mustang parts work (and are the same believe it or not). Require some work as they are not completely correct/complete. The seat belt anchor points are not in the right location either. Use your old ones to guide you and they will work. In some areas (if you want them to look totally correct) you need to cut donor pieces from the old and append them to the new. It is a labor of love. See my ECI thread on Mercurycougar.net for a blow-by-blow.



I’d swear I bought a Cougar specific one from Ken’s Cougars out of Oklahoma several years ago. (I can’t believe I am actually giving that egotist a plug) I won’t buy from him ever again because he is extremely proud of his parts and is quite conceited.
But, if you need one and Don (WCCC) or John Benoit (SP?) don’t make them or have them, he may be the only choice.