1970 Cougar SCJ 4-spd driveshaft details

Hey Fellahs,

I recently pulled my driveshaft for cleanup and u-joint replacement. I’ve already done the tube of Evaporust trick on it. I have some before and after pics, as well as some questions about repainting it properly…

Car was built Oct 6th, 1969 in Dearborn ~ Cougar w/ 428SCJ, 4-speed close ratio, 3.91 rear gears.

Build sheet Driveshaft pic:

Before Cleanup ~ pretty crusty, especially the back half. There are what appeared to be yellow (or possibly white) grease pen markings in a few spots: most notably an X/stripe at 2’, and an “8” or “S” at 3’ (measured from front yoke). There were some other nicks or swipes here and there. You can also see hints of stripes.

After a degreasing and scrubbing with some soap & water ~ there be stripes! Also can see the orange paint on the front yoke and an obvious white grease pen stripe, as well as what appears to be a white stripe. Rear half of the DS weathered more but the brown/orange stripe is there, while the yoke looks almost yellow with just a touch of orange in the crevices.

After Evaporust; you can see the weld line and shadows left where the paint stripes and grease pens protected the metal some.

I did post this over on the Concours Mustang forum, and Jeff answered alot of my questions and confirmed the colors / stripes I was seeing, but I still have a question about the rear yoke paint color that maybe other Cougar guys could help with.
They appear to be (front to rear):

Front yoke = red

White stripe near front yoke

White markal stripe down the length, starting near the front yoke and running the length of the shaft right along the weld line

Light Blue (LB)
Red (RD)
Light Green (LG)

White markal “X” on top of the three stripes

Orange stripe near rear yoke

Rear yoke = possibly yellow or white? with an orange/red spot?

My understanding is that the front and rear yokes were identical, and so should have been painted the same color at the factory (orange / red), but my rear yoke looked more yellow or white, with only a tiny bit of red/orange, so I would like to confirm that.

Here is another pic of the rear yoke. It looks like dirty old white paint to me…