1970 XR7 Convertible first car

So I decided to buy my first car to restore. When I bought it the thing was trashed. Convertible top was shredded, engine didn’t start, brakes wouldn’t bleed. What a first car.
Looked like this when I got it.

I got the convertible top all finished up and replaced and the body all cleaned up.
I got the car running and all the brakes fixed and drivable. Runs very nice.

Now replacing the rusted our fender apron.

After driving for 9 weeks I decided to start a major project with the structure. What started out as a original plan of replacing torque boxes and inner floor supports ends as replacing torque boxes, inner floor support, inner and outer rockers, floor pan, under seat floor support, and floor to firewall extension. And that’s just the drivers side. Now it’s time to start the passenger side.

Here’s the start of the passengers side.

Wow, Good luck and keep the pictures coming. Was this a Red car painted White?

That was a metallic blue car painted yellow, painted red, painted white.

Hey, look, he welded in bracing!
Guess there’ll be no:

for you!


Repairs look like they’re going well.

if you need any oem parts i have a ton of stuff off of my 70 just sitting around.

A little update here.
The drivers side is pretty much done so I’m starting to tear apart the passenger side

Wow, great work!

Getting there with the passenger side.

looking good

Epoxy primer is on. Undercoating is hopefully going on tomorrow.

The undercoating is on and reassembly start this evening.

Continued success!

She’s back on the road!

It’s great to see that you are taking the time to repair this Cougar. Most people would have looked at it as too far gone with it’s rust issues. So bravo on a job well done so far. :thumbup:

Now you can enjoy driving it some this summer. Have fun.

Jumped a timing chain on my way to a dentist appointment. Sense I have to replace that I though I might as well throw a bigger cam in there and put on a set of new Hooker long tube ceramic coated headers

That’s usually the way things work out, “while I’m at it I might as well…” It’s part of the classic car culture. :smiley: