390 warmup fault

Hi all. When I first bought my '67 6.5L XR7, with standard 4V Holley, it would barely run, and very hard to start. It had obviously never been set up - the float levels were app. only half, both float chambers leaked, idle settings way off, accelerator pump not set, and the choke not operting correctly.
I now have it running well, it starts well cold, but after a block or two and coming to stop, it stalls, then is quite difficult to restart. If I spend about five minutes warming it up, it starts and runs fine. Any suggestions appreciated. Dale.

What is the timing set to?

Hi Royce. Timing is set at 6 degrees.

Try 12 degrees initial. They usually like that. Super unleaded or race gas is best.

Thanks Royce, I’ll try that. I normally use ethanol free Premium. Dale

Hi Royce. I decided to have the carb. rebuilt by a local expert. Amongst other things, the throttle shaft housing is badly worn, which he re bushes.
Once I have it back on, I shall reset the timing, as you recommended. There is, however, a big “but” to this story. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I had overlooked checking the vacuum advance unit, and found it completely non-funcional !! This would have a fairly dramatic effect on overall performance, I imagine. Live and Learn ! Dale.

Maybe fix that and try it at 6 degrees.