4-Speed, R-Code GT-E at auction

Royce, I think this is the black dash B cover. The dash A was blue. This car was built fairly late, the date code is 14F. There were some Mustangs even getting the dash C with the clip for the PCV outlet, as early as May. I can’t tell from the picture if this is a dash C or not. Also you may recall looking at my 428 car where there was no indication that my lid had ever been repainted and it is also black. I suspect that the large scoop opening on the Cougar probably made it more likely that the cars would get the black covers ahead of the Mustang with its small scoop opening. (the blue was visible when looking through the scoop and it looked odd with some exterior paint colors)

I believe it was possible to make the discrimination between Cougar and Mustang since the ram air cover was not a part of the engine assembly (common to both Mustang and Cougar)

We are excited by all of the interest and valid questions regarding the sale of this special Cougar. For more information, direct questions, and additional specific photographs / requests, please contact Owls Head Transportation Museum at auction@ohtm.org We are looking forward to working with the Cougar Community.

For video of this vehicle

It made it onto the daily Hemmings email today.

Just got a several pics of the underside. It looks as good as the rest of the car.

:ylsuper: This car is the real deal. I’ve looked at it and even got a ride from Win. Also showed my car with his at Togus show. It’s in amazing shape for its age. Vin stamps are where they should be engine,buck tag, door,and vin aprons. The car does everything a Cobra jet should. Jim P. has also seen car and should chime in. Good luck to all who bid. Just wish I could be the one to take on the reigns of this rare and desirable cat.

I saw this car once, in 1995, when the brother, who has since passed away owned it. I’ve talked to the brother who inherited many times over the years. While the car “had” what I would consider minor rust issues, it is what it is represented to be, as far as I can tell. I’d love to have it myself but alas and alack it is not in the cards at this time. A once in a lifetime opportunity in my opinion.

Just watched the video. I noticed on the drivers upper quarter the paint is cracking pretty bad. Looks like it may have had some body work done in the past? It’s 49 seconds into the video. Any history about this?

The LR quarter panel looks to be a different shade in the view at 1:36. Obviously that quarter has been repainted entirely.

I think the Big Boy collectors are getting more and more comfortable with the idea of spending nearly 200k for a Cougar. It has happened a couple times in the past year alone, IIRC. It’s time is now. The collectors that follow closely will know how to get his car bought. I think everyone will want it for 150,000 but it’s gonna take a lot more than that…

This is a great combination of rarity and desirability coupled with unrestored originality (I’m curious if this is in fact the trend that I think it is now) and documentation.

Today is the day. We will know this afternoon what the results are.

Is it televised or streamed? Am I missing a link on their website?

The timing of the auction is not going to work in the favor of the car. The whole Pebble Beach Monterrey week took something like $400 million out of the car market just a few days ago. It will be interesting to see how this goes. Good luck to the bidders!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the selling price all-in was… $228,800 including the 10% buyer premium.

Dave Wyras was present to watch and reported the results. He will post more details as soon as he is able to get some computer time.


The purchase was made by a phone bidder, and at this point we don’t have a name.

Wow is right.

Thanks for the update. Look forward to the details.

That’s awesome.

I was very seriously thinking about buying this car, but at that price I would have to sell a whole lot of stuff, maybe cash in my pension, and my lovely woman would be very pissed about that as she plans on living very comfortably off that. Oh well, I guess I will have to be happy with what we already have, which is pretty good.

It exceeded my expectations… I had it at the high of $180,000 and Don next at $175,000 I really didn’t think it would break the $200,000 mark let alone below it away at $228,800!! Hope it doesn’t hibernate in a private collect somewhere.

:ylsuper: Just got back from auction. It was a home run for the Rittal’s. The bidding went fast and once it past 140k it soared to 190 k. At that point the bidding slowed down at 1k per bid. It ended at 208 plus commission bringing it to 228k. This shows that Cougars are on the map and are being recognized for what they are. Someone was very hungry for a rare and desirable cat. All I can say is WOW…

Has anybody else noticed that any time a GT-E goes to auction it seems to blow right through all the expectations? This sale also shows the power of the Internet. It’s not too difficult to buy a car at auction these days. The buyers know about them, no matter where the auction is…this age of communication means nothing is hidden.
Wow, what a sale!

I nominate it for “Cougar of the Year!” Congratulations to both the buyer and the seller. I hope the new owner will find his/her way here.