427 SOHC

Considering a 427 SOHC (Cammer) in my 67. Measurements seem to work once the shock towers and stock suspension are removed. I am aware of the cost to build these motors and fortunately everything is available aftermarket and I can do my own work. Would like to talk with anyone out there (probably offsite) that has tackled such a project or given up trying.

I know Mustang people have done this. Sounds like a fun build. Please document it here. I would love to follow along.

For any motor questions ask here there is a lot of cammer knowledge over there, a member on there just put 1 in a 2005 mustang.

Jay Brown knows more about these motors than anyone except maybe Ed Pink. You can contact Jay here:

Watch out for some shady part sellers. Jay has lost thousands of dollars paying for SOHC parts that he never received.