'67 big block 4 speed clutch help needed

Hey all, I have a '67 390 4 speed. it’s a very original car, with a 2.75:1 axle ratio and open 9" rear. The clutch feels odd in that it has no real bite when 1st engaging under heavy throttle, but then does (enough to easily spin the tire) soon afterwards. you can literally side step the pedal at a stop at 2k rpm or less in 1st and it just acts real smooth, no chirping and no bogging. Every other stick car i’ve owned (classic and modern) has not worked this way, and i think this clutch is slipping. on the other hand, it seems to grab ok (at any speed) after initial aggressive throttle pressure, and always grabs as i would expect under low-moderate throttle pressure. i’ve also never smelled that clutch burn smell while driving the car.

i have made sure the free play is good at the fork, and that the clutch should be making full contact, at least according to the pedal. I’m thinking of selling the car and want to be sure the clutch is in good order.

any insight is much appreciated as to whether this clutch needs to be replaced, or if there’s something else i may have overlooked.

thanks a lot!

OK you had me at 390 4 speed. Any pictures?

Pull the inspection cover off the bell housing and take a look. My guess is that the clutch is getting to the end of it’s life. The fly wheel has gotten glazed over from it slipping. Once it slips some and gets heated up then it will grab. Look at the fly wheel for bluing and signs of it getting hot. Especially with the open rear you should be doing the one wheel peel whenever you want.

thanks i forgot that would be visable with that cover off. if i see those signs on the flywheel, it will need to be re-surfaced, right?

just tried to but the file is too large. pm me an email if you want and i can send that way. it seems i’ll be doing a clutch job on the car, then in all likelihood selling, stay tuned…

phone pic…

Nice! I shall start the bidding at the cost of the new clutch and flywheel resurfacing!

sweet! gotta start somewhere…hope i don’t have to take the console out for this job…

Or, just send it to me as-is…I can change a clutch. I’d hate to see you go to all that effort… :beerchug:

Seriously, though. Where is the car located? Might could be interested.

San Diego. at the risk of going off-topic, for the right price I certainly don’t need to get my hands dirty! car still has black plates, never left California. tomorrow I will jack it up and inspect the flywheel

Was the clutch adjustment too tight when you got the car? I would think the PO would’ve replaced the clutch when he had the engine rebuilt. Maybe not the same car…

Hey don’t be tryin’ to horn in here 3! I saw it first! LOL! Besides, you know the boss isn’t going to let you go for it without permanently relocating you to the garage.

Too far afield for my likes, so, go for it, Bundy.

dunno, same car as which? PO couldn’t vouch for clutch being done, and test drive was limited. lookin forward to how she’ll drive with new one.

I was thinking this was the car from Santee which sold a month or two ago.

That a good looking 6.5 Litre Cougar and a 4 speed to boot. Very cool. :thumbup:

thanx fellow s-coder!

…ok, pretty sure it needs a clutch. given the 390, 4-speed, and 2.75:1 open axle, any suggestions on type and maker? in the past i’ve used Zoom and McLoud which worked well.

it’s off topic, but since there’s some interest on selling now as is, as opposed to my plan of addressing some stuff (such as carpet, headlight doors (all lights work incl sequentials), heater core) and selling in Spring. if i sold now now w/o doing any more work i think $10,500 obo (either way) is a good starting point, given <120k miles, condition and options, incl. full floor console, discs, and A/C (engine bay parts are gone). S-code VIN appears on door data card, title, and driver fender apron. Reman short block asmbly not many miles ago (receipts) and still have engine ID (and Autolite) tag, confirming 12/66 390 for 67 model yr. no leaks of any kind on car. fomoco stampings on heads. interior is 9/10 w/slight sun fade on seats, interior lights up like xmas tree. very clean body/unibody with no rot (lifelong non-coastal CA car). only mods are headers, full 3" duals with h-pipe, air shocks, 2 sway bars, and Edelbrock air cleaner. car starts on first key turn, whether cold, hot or warm, and drives great. int and ext colors are orig to data card - white w/light and dark blue int. body repaint that’s good driver quality. not perfect, but still very shiny with no sun fade. 2 sets of wheel covers- those shown and orig Merc spokes, in very nice shape. tires good except 1 rear tire has less tread left. …and yes, the trans code on data card = 5 (4 speed - which works as should).

i’ll get a link up for plenty of pics and maybe video.

thanks again!

$10,500 seems like a fair/very good price. Pictures and a Marti report will help prospective buyers. I don’t think you’ll have any problems selling it. How long have you owned it? Good luck with your sale.

thanks a lot, I am leaning towards trying to sell it as is. I will work towards getting lots of pictures up today and posting it in the proper forum. I’m still going to put a carpet kit in, but will hold off on buying a clutch. I was thinking about Marty report, but it already has good authentication.