67 Cougar Upper Cowl Panel

Does anyone make a reproduction or have a NOS upper cowl panel for a 67 Cougar? I searched Mustangs Unlimited and West Coast Classic Cougars and can’t find one. They make the lower cowl panel, but can’t find an upper cowl. The one I have looks like Swiss cheese in places and I’d rather just start with a good one rather than weld in patches on mine.

Have you looked at West Coast Classic Cougars specialty cut section? They show upper and lower cowl with and without AC.

“Specialty Cut Section”??? I didn’t see anything on their website with that title or link I could click on. However, I e-mailed them and asked if they had an upper cowl, so we’ll see what they have to say. Thanks for the advice.

Look under the BODY section, you will see “specialty cuts/patch panels” $382.37 with or without AC…

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Found it. Thanks for the info…The cowls they have listed are for 71-73 Cougars & Mustangs. I need one for a 67. I didn’t see one under that section. Maybe if they respond to my e-mail, they can tell me if they have one or not…

Ok. I didn’t notice the year I guess.

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I would pick up the phone and call the boys at WCCC. They have lots of parts that aren’t on the website.

This is a deal, even with the small cut on the lower cowl which needs fixing: