67 pro touring build

I’ve owned a 67 Cougar for about 10 years now and finally taking the plunge to having it restored. It’s an early base model, unoriginal motor so I’m planning on going the pro touring route. It’s getting stripped down and sandblasted now so I’m ordering parts to get things moving. Going with 347 stroker 500 hp with EFI, AOD tranny, 9” 3.89 gears, TCP coil over front suspension, G-bar rear, rack and pinion steering, vintage air air conditioning, wilwood disc brakes all around. Anything I should rethink or any potential problems I might expect? Any advice would be appreciated.

Sounds like a pretty good set up, similar to what I am running in my 67 except for the engine ,351W with a Edelbrock Kit heads,cam and air gap manifold.
On the interstate at 70 MPH it’s tacking 2100 RPM in O/D
The only thing you might think about is sub-frame connectors.

Here is a thread on my road course Cougar build.

Yeah we’re using sub frame connectors as well. I really wanted to go with the 427 stroker but the builder and supplier were both worried about space.

BossElim69 that’s an awesome thread, you did a great job with all the pictures, I’ll have to go through it in detail. Looks like she turned out great.

Cool! Another restomod/protouring build! I’m doing a few similar things on my '69 convertible; 4 wheel Wilwood disc brakes, TKO-600, Unisteer R&P, Street or Track front suspension, Bilstein rear shocks with mon-leaf composite rear leaf springs, 3.70 Auburn rear diff. I’ve already mounted the Recaro seats, Moto Lita steering wheel, FiTech fuel injection (351 C), Doug’s headers/Borla exhaust, 125 amp alternator, cooling system upgrades, TARE 17" Superlite wheels, and new interior. All hard parts are on hand now and I’m working on installing them.