'68 390 Battery Cable Question

I need to get new battery cables for B3Cat and wanted to make sure I got the right ones. Did the 390 use the same cables as the 428 or were those unique to the 428? I’m seeing the 428 battery cables called out separately but I thought the 428 used the 390 block.

I would imagine they would work. I guess it’s how concours correct you want to get.

Thought I would piggy back onto this thread after searching.

I did find that the 390 plus the 428 had different part numbers in some vendor sites and have read that the 390 and 428 wires were larger gage wire. Yesterday I received a cable set which I ordered from a vendor who will remain nameless until I talk with them. This is because the cables I just received are smaller in diameter that the ones on the car. These were supposed to be concours correct cables.

My old cables appear to be about 4 gage while the new cables appear to be 6 gage.

Does anyone know if in fact the 1969, 390 and 428 cables are supposed to be larger? It does make sense.

I will be looking this up today myself as I want to have my facts straight before I call the vendor.