68 cougar 302 c4

Good Morning,
we are looking at replacing my sons raditor with a 3 core champion, his old 2 cor is weaping and not really keeping the motor cool… any advice on what you guys have done that works. its a 68 with a mild built 302, 4 b with headers and auto… been looking at champion but also wondering best fan set up as well. not looking at spending 500 bucks on a set up at this time. We live here in the Salem area.

upgrade to a 24" 3 row alum w/ fan & clutch ACP radiator, 24" shroud should run around that price.

Not correct for your application, so check for correct one…

I had the Champion 2 core aluminum 24". It was not very good. Fit was poor where the clamp goes on the top tank. I would not buy any more of their stuff. It is poorly made.