68 Cougar XR7 restomod for sale

It’s time to let it go. Asking $18k, but please feel free to make an offer. The car was made to drive, and is not one of those mirrors-on-the-ground show cars. It has a couple paint chips, it’s missing a couple odds and ends still, but is completely ready to drive daily and impress your friends and everyone else in traffic. Power everything, leather seats, booming stereo. Built 351 Windsor with aluminum heads and fairly lopey cam, a T5 5 speed, and a 9" rear. Located in North East Georgia.
Email SeanPaintsFlames@yahoo.com if you’d like more info. Thanks!

Here is the whole photo album:

Here is the Craigslist ad:

$18? I’ll give you a $20 and you can keep the change. I hope she finds a good home.

lol. You know what I mean…

Sean 18k seems like a real fair price. I hope your sale goes well. Good luck.

Dear Santa,

I have been especially good this year…

Good luck, Sean, would love to take it off your hands, but just had to buy a new truck instead…:dangit:

sean, I wish I had the dough! :cry: I hope you find her a Good home!