68 Passenger Side Mirror

Desperately looking for one of these to help an Aussie drive his Cougar safely on the ‘wrong’ side of the road! :mrgreen:

Here you go and WCCC’s has them in stock. Side View Mirror - Passenger Side - Manual - Standard - Repro ~ 1967 - 1968 Mercury Cougar ( 1967 Mercury Cougar, 1968 Mercury Cougar ) at West Coast Classic Cougar :: The Definitive 1967 - 1973 Mercury Cougar Parts Source

Thanks Steven, I did see those but would prefer a used original rather than a repro if anybody has one lying around.

I might be wrong but I don’t think there was passenger side mirror offered in 67-68.

There is no such thing. These were never offered originally so you’ll have to go with the new one or a used version of the inappropriately named reproduction. Probably should be referred to as a new concept product or something like that to avoid confusion.

Thanks guys for clearing that up: an interesting bit of trivia that there was no such thing as a Cougar passenger side mirror in 1968!

I have a lead on a mirror from a forum member here so hopefully the search is over…

Good catch, we try to make that distinction on everything. I just changed it to say “New” instead of “Repro”.

Also know that we have a convex version, which is functionally much better for a passenger side mirror (so you have a wider field of view). We’re out of stock on those right now. The flat one is just as nice, and arguably more “period correct” but you can’t see as much.

FWIW, the only one worth having is the convex version. I have used both and the non convex is pretty worthless.

Yeah, especially when it’s way over on the passenger side. I was wondering if the OP was converting their car to RHD, in which case the flat mirror would be more usable.

No, I’m keeping the car LHD as its maker intended!

Here in Oz it is now OK to do so rather than the case years ago where all foreign imports had to be converted to RHD. Keeping the car original as possible helps with retained value and also adds to the driving experience IMHO.

I saw the convex version of the mirror on WCCC and did have one on my Mustang, but as you guys have noted it’s currently out of stock anyway. Hesmytaxguy has been kind enough to help me out with a standard mirror and I can always get the glass changed over later on if I wish.