68 W code buck tag

I’ve never owned a GTE but I believe this tag belongs to one ,probably a guy who use to live in Central Square NY i had bought parts 20 years ago,I found it going through my stuff,the car was real ruff it’s probably been Rebodied but I don’t that for sure,if he can be identified I’ll mail it to him unless he still lives around here .

Make sure Pinkerton sees that.

I sent a message to Jim Pinkerton and Phil Parcells. The car is in the database and as far as they know the car is still owned by a gentleman in NY. Phil is going to reach out to the owner to let him know about the tag. Thank you for posting that you have it. Hopefully it can be reunited with the car.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Buck tag reunited with car.

That is really awesome!!

That was a terrific thing to do.

  • Phillip

Well the suspense is killing me, how did it get separated from the car, complete the saga

I had bought interior stuff from him 20+ years ago ,now that I’m getting started on my hertz G I was going through some boxes and the tag was in there which wouldn’t have meant anything to me because i have parted out some over the years except I happened to notice the W in the numbers.

So the truth of the matter is the owner of the GT-E, was so ill informed as to what belonged on the car, and oblivious to the worth of the buck tag, and sold along with a bunch of stuff.

That STILL doesn’t answer the question, HOW, WHY, WHEN or WHERE it was removed, brain fart??

The first part of your question is yes it was in the box with other stuff .How and why I can’t speak for him, where -is Central Square NY ,he doesn’t live there any more .The when is a long story.About 25 years ago this car was for sale in the local swap sheet on #5 road Pompey NY for 2,200.00 I kept calling on it the kids mother he’s out I’d have to car back then one time she said he sold it yesterday several months later while I was I working for a local A/C company i went by a house and there sat the car I did an about face he said he bought it for the motor he was going to put it in his mustang,he’d sell me the car for 2,000.00 I thought about it the car heavily rusted but I was going to buy it he hadn’t heard of the GTE but he done some checking and decided not to sell it a year or so after that I seen it at a long show all done the parts I bought were around that time that was the one and only time I’ve seen that car this buck tag is the fourth time this car has come into my life if I win the lotto I’ll have to try and buy it.

To add to the cars history, it was put up for sale because of an engine fire, dash ,hood,windshield,and a portion of the hood scoop was burnt ,I grew up just up the road from #5 road it’s car wasn’t from this area ,if I remember correctly the kid was home from college,to my knowledge there is only one other GTE around here and he is on this form

There were a couple others that I have personally seen. Both are accounted for, but aren’t around here anymore.

No one ever see’s the cougars,no body brings them out,at the Syracuse nationals there’s never been more than 5 or 6 67-68 cougars,when mine is done it’s going to be properly insured and I’m using it,my 65 cyclone that I just sold was the same way I’d take it people always committed you never see these cars and at the nationals once again only 5 or 6 out of 3000 + cars, mine will be out and about on good days.

There was a guy in Pompey trying to get $10k for a $3000 car a few years ago.

My green car has a Buffalo DSO but it was sold new in Cincinnati to a guy who lived in Indianapolis. No telling how that happened, maybe a dealer transfer.

Is it a late build?

February 23, 1968 from memory. The busiest day, the week when when most GT-E’s were built.