68 XR7 Interior lights and turn signals not working.

Hello all. Out of nowhere my turn signals stop functioning and my interior lights will not turn on. Not sure why. Stereo is still functioning, brake lights still work, hazards turn on and headlights work just fine. Any help will be appreciated.

A quick guess as other are better at elec than me…

You headlight switch went bad…dimmer

Wire(s) shorted in column, fuse blown, ??

I agree that the courtesy light circuitry fuse has blown and a bad turn signal switch.

So the switch is something to check out. You should diagnose further. Are turn signals working exterior but not interior indicator? (Some local dash ground wire bit the dust) Is there a prominent dip in brightness when under heavy load as in headlight on? (Suggests a poor ground wire out in the engine bay) Just trying to help narrow it down.

I am having the same issue on my 67 Cougar. Turn signals quit working. Hazard, stop and running lights all work. The 15amp inline fuse on the orange/yellow wire is not blown. Turn signal switch was replaced a couple years ago. Did the turn signal switch go bad? Next steps? TIA