68 XR7 wiper motor

Hello. My wiper motor does not turn on at all. Never has since I’ve owned it. That being said I currently have the dashboard out as I’m sending my tach and ampmeter off to rocketman to get them fixed. So while the patient is open, I thought I might take a crack at the wiper motor.

2 questions…

  1. how do I remove the motor?
  2. is it serviceable or should I just replace it or ‘un stuck’ it?

I’ve tested the motor switch on the dash and it seems to be kicking out power at the connector as I flick from on to low to high.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Model year will be helpful.

Sure! It’s in the title of the post but I should have put it in the actual post itself - 68 XR7 . Thanks!

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