69-70 XR7 wanted

Looking for a 69-70 XR-7 convertible any condition would prefer one as a rolling chassis. I have been looking for this car for quite a few years now with no luck. I am in the North East ,but I am open to travel for the right cougar.

I met Ray, XR7427, yesterday and looked at his 1969 XR-7 convertible which he wants to sell. It’s in the greater Detroit area. Reach out to him. I’ll send him a note about this thread.

I am planning to sell my 70 XR-7 Convertible. 351 4V


This Cougar is solid with very little rust(California car until 2012) It has a 351V with 70 4V heads, still running the 4300 carburetor. FMX automatic(leaking at the moment) I am just about done taking care of the power steering leaks, All new parts. The front suspension was rebuilt before I got the car(less than 2K miles on it) The top is only a good frame at this time, It goes up and down like it should, but I recommend rebuilding the hydraulics. It also had an original Boot(covers the top when down). I do have a new Black top with a glass window for it. It has original seats in it that I had repaired. New outboard side panels on the driver’s seat and I had the original upholstery put on a set of frames with good factory foam. Rear seat need the Leather portion replaced. Otherwise it is fine. The P.O. restored the gauge lenses and put in a Quartz clock movement with new lense. I put a Pioneer DIN unit in it. I’m not so sure I like the why it looks.
Body; well, it needs to be restored. It has several coats of paint over the factory color. It will need attention to the passengers quarter panel. It has a ton of bondo on it. I can’t say if it can be saved or has to be replaced. The floor pans are very nice and original. I replaced the front valance and gravel pan(between the bumper and grill). At one time somebody bondoed all the seams on the car, including the cowl panel, fender and quarter extensions, quarter panel seams between the door and wheel opening and between the rear of the roof opening and trunk.
I have a few miles on it, it drives well, but I don’t think this 351C 4V has the kick it should. Maybe a good tune up will help, or a better carb. I am just going off memory this morning ands I know it needs a few more items like a nes batory box, I think I have one. I do have a few boxes of parts for this that will go with it.

I have been making posts as I work on it here;

If you are interested I can send you more detailed pictures. PM me your phone number if interested.

FWIW, I would buy one of Neal’s cars in a heartbeat sight unseen. This is one of the good guys!

Thanks Bill, With this said; I do recommend having it inspected by someone who knows these cars. I might be surprised by what they find.

Ray Bischoff here. Like Matt Says, I have a 69 XR-7 Convertible.

It’s a rolling shell like you’re looking for. Lots of good stuff but a project. It’s a real S code XR-7 convertible. Originally a dark green car and now has a black interior. PS, PB. Speed Control. console, T-Lok, power top. It will need inner rockers (at lest patched) as well as some other rust repiar. Originally a Southern car but was neglected in recent years. I bought the car reasonably and will sell it cheap (Less than $5K) or cheaper depending on what you’d like me to include with the sale. It’s best to call me. 248 867-3522 [CCCGallery]


The car currently has a tilt wheel, a lot of new chrome, newly reupholstered vinyl XR-7 seats, a beautiful dash pad/gauges new carpet, newly re-cored radiator, brake booster and front calipers plus a lot of things I’m forgetting.