69 convertible quarter glass

Struggling to believe this is the first time this will be covered, but I can’t find anything on it in the forums.

Does anyone have helpful hints, pictures or video on repairing rattling quarter glass.

The WCCC video, found here on a quarter glass restored part page, only covers door glass.


I’d like to know what danger lurks before running into the woods. :open_mouth:

69 quarter glass is glued in place just like the 69 door glass so if your quarter glass is loose and rattling the fix will be much the same as fixing the door glass.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Thx Randy, every video I have seen is about bolted in glass, 66ish mustangs it seems. They all pull the unit out from a hole in the lower part of the sidewall, after unbolting the glass and securing it to a pillar. With the glass glued in and no pillar I’m looking for a best method for removal.

It sounds like you are just trying to get the glass glued back in place. Or are you looking to do more?

I would imagine that you have the back seat and the interior side panel removed. If not that will need to be done. Being a convertible I would put the top down which will make things easier. The glass will need to come straight out of the top. If the glue is still holding enough the bracket will come with the glass. The regulator will come out through a cut out in the interior sheetmetal. You will need to remove the stop brackets before the glass and bracket assembly can be removed. It is not a hard job, just takes a little time.

Be sure to clean up any old grease that is still there and to put new back in. Lubricate all the moving and pivot points on the regulator. Check the condition of the rollers.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Thanks Randy, the glass is my concern. That helps!