69 Cougar Convertible 390


Maybe I overlooked it but why is there no price? I guess you have to call for the price? It looks like a nice car that needs some details taken care of. I like the color combo.

The Ad Says to Call for Price.

I posted this earlier on the “other” site:

I saw the car yesterday and we agreed it was a 7 out of 10. It has been repainted, the bumper chrome is excellent, all the other trim needs work. Floor boards and torque boxes look fine, seats are excellent, he has ordered the center console, the chrome/plated bits in the interior need work. Carpeting needs replacement. The front grill and tail light bezels are highly pitted. There is rust on both lower quarter panels and the doors appear to have been repaired. I did not get a chance to check out the 390 or the convertible top. I agree with Bad69cat that somewhere around 15k which is what I told him. All said it is still a very good looking car but will require some real effort to really make it a 10. I would think Tmh should stop by and take a look too since he lives in the same town and then give his opinion.