69 Eliminator / Negative Value?

How do price a no option turd that is too good to scrap but costs more to restore than it will be worth completed. Best I can think of is making it another “give away” car… One of those “not for sale at any price” cars and the family calls me when they pass. Sad story I have seen played out over and over.


Oooooo!! Another Eliminator Giveaway car?? Been a while since you’ve done one of those!

…I do need an excuse to learn how to weld and paint, and a guinea pig to practice on :think:


OH! Resto Mod! Jeez, you can’t make the car any worse, so you might as well do whatever you want with it! Anything that gets it back on the road is an improvement, and you can honestly say that you saved it :slight_smile:

Most collector cars cost more to restore than they are worth.

I think the give away cars are a great idea. Although on that note have any of them been successfully restored?

The last conversation I had with the owner of the 67 GT giveaway he sent pictures of it all painted ready for assembly back in Sept 2016. Don might have an update as he was buying parts from Don.

Was this a new find to the Eliminator registry?

Man she has had a hard life. Could always be worse, A tree could have fallen on top of it.

On the plus side its an Eliminator, Someone out there wants to put her back together again!

Last I saw the 67 GT was 95% done and to show quality standards. Not only did the owner make orders often but several of his family members would call at Christmas, Fathers Day and Birthdays and ask me What would he like?" Considering that car put 1.5 of my kids through college I consider the re-home a smashing success! The Eliminator received about $3000 worth of parts and labor out of the gate and she does order here and there and I do follow the progress on FB, slow but steady. The car is out of the weather, money and time have been invested so I doubt that one gets crushed… The G owner bought a couple items but it has been mighty quiet… I doubt a J code sunroof car gets crushed, he did send me pics of it tucked in his shop next to his other car he did a ground up on. I am thinking the giveaway on this car is buy most of the parts it needs on my site (half?) and you get the car for free. Mr. Banks will probably chime in on whether it is new to the reg and yes Neil, it has one mostly straight panel, The Roof!

Make it a package deal: Make a (substantial!) list of parts that you know it will need. Offer a little discount for the bulk buy. Then throw in the car and free shipping for the owner. This is will insure that the new owner has a stake in fixing it, and also plenty of projects to do once the car arrives.
I would include every rubber part. New gas tank and lines. New brake parts, new front suspension and steering. Maybe even some sort of booster master cylinder rebuild credit. Leave the cosmetics. Just the parts needed to make it at least yard and maybe street diveable.

I like that idea :sunglasses:

If only we had a guy to handle the promotion… We do really miss Andrew! I am into the car $2000 so I will probably just put it on ebay for $1 no reserve and mention I will end the auction early and let the new owner have it for what I paid or less if they will complete a substantial order on the website. It is Very rewarding when someone pulls up in a restored car 3-8 years after saving one of these poor cats purchased from us. Jeff Bingaman comes to mind.

I’ll second that! I would think it would generate more interest by including a bunch of necessary parts that the prospective owner doesn’t need to hunt down themselves.

…now to start working on the wife >.> LOL! :stormzap1:

What kind of sickness sickness does our group have that we will spend out Sunday afternoon driving across two counties to enthusiastically write a check for this kind of stuff?

You didn’t think we were normal people did you? LOL! That is pure gold!

We made a key from the glove box code and the bad news is a whole case of oil opened up and flooded the trunk. The good news is it may have helped preserve some items!

Nice find! Hope someone saves it and turns it into a driver. Would be a great father/son project.

Man thats cool opening a truck to find those old oil cans still in it!

Do you mean the fact that I bought a turd from you and restored it in 3 years or that you are trying to guilt me into buying this Eliminator?

I think that is Yes to both… Do you have extra space in your new shop?