'69 outer wheelhouse question

My ragtop is currently at the body shop. The car needs the passenger quarter panel and the rear lower half of the outer wheel house replaced (from roughly the trunk floor down). The donor quarter I have is nice, but it was a replacement therefore the quarter is good, but after blasting the outer wheel house turned into swiss cheese.

Has anyone come up with a solution to this other than sourcing original metal?

No. The rocker molding attach area in particular is totally different than Mustang parts, ask me how I know, I bought them and could not use them! I don’t think there is any other solution but original metal, that is what I did on Isabel. I was lucky enough to have a wrecked '69 HT parts car fall into my lap. Cowl, complete floor, wheelhouse patch pieces, etc., couldn’t have properly reconstructed Isabel without the parts car!

Thanks for the reply! That’s what I was afraid of. Fortunately I had a chat with my body man and he will be able to make a piece that will look stock. The amount of labor cost to do so will probably be less than trying to find an original piece. So it appears that will be the route I’ll go.

By the way I have followed your rebuild of Isabel over the years with great interest. AMAZING WORK!!! I love it!!


You are welcome Ben and thanks re: Isabel!