69 R-Code spotted on Craigslist

Not mine, thought it was interesting.


If that price is for real that is a killer deal! $15,500!!!

Even with the Ram Air missing and the wrong door and quarter trims and added power windows. Even with the other need it has.

DSO Detroit, Mi…
No pics of the underside = Rust

Just beware…

Great options and color scheme.

Yes, the demon rust may very well lurk just beneath the surface. Have a look at the turn signal stalk, the chrome has flaked off and it’s rusty ! No images of the trunk as well - that’s quite telltale as to the condition of a lot of the sheet metal.

Missing the roof liner; you can see the front bow is exposed, and the sheet metal where the coat hook would be is visible as well. Clutch pedal pad is missing as well. Looks like a black battery cable is dragging in the snow, just under the drivers seat area ?

And if the car did have functional tilt-away steering, you’d think the wheel would be in the unlocked position, with the door open ( unless, the key was left in the ignition ). The door pillar switch for the tilt-away mechanism is missing - just the open hole. You’d think the owner would like to show ( by way the wheel’s position ) that the option was still functional.

At that price I would really only be worried about rust, original engine/components, original transmission, and the N case differential.

Maybe rust isn’t an issue and the lack of pictures is just that it’s a Craigslist ad. Before I would state or imply a car has rust issues, I would put eyes on the car. How does anyone here know one way or the other? Just curious, has anyone contacted the seller about the condition? I think we can all agree that it’s a desirable Cougar.

Steven is probably right. This one needs a close inspection. Under the hood, the shock towers and top of the aprons look good. The apron tops commonly have rust eruptions at the spot welds where moisture due to salted roads gets up and inside.
Has 1969 XR7 door and rear interior panels, along with a XR7 rimblow steering wheel. This Cougar was born a base standard, and would have had a two spoke steering wheel.
Looks like an FE engine, that is all I can spot. We have guys in Illinois that could be persuaded to look.

We have seen this one before.

This vehicle has been sold. I am not the buyer, but do know him.
I’m not trying to be cryptic - but it will be for him to disclose when he wants to.

Here’s all I’ll say.
Ask him how much he paid for it .
Somehow I know it was more then the asking price.
But what do I know.
I’m hoping it’s the guy who knew a previous owner.