69 XR7 Courtesy lights

Need recommendations on what to do next. Both driver and passenger side courtesy lights by the floor are not working. All the other courtesy lights are working. Bulbs are good and checked for power and there is nothing. The sockets are not corroded and appear to connected. The wire schematic has the wires running with others and there appears to be no additional plugs. Thoughts or ideas.

Under the dash? Maybe a ground is disconnected.

To be more specific it’s the courtesy light under neath by the emergency brake and one on the other side. I’m treading taking the dash out to trace the wiring.

Are the socket assemblies attached to the dash with bolts or screws? That’s the ground path for these things…

Are you checking with door or the switch on dash panel? The underdash lights don’t go on with courtesy switch on my car, but do with panel switch. Mine is convertible.

Thanks for the replies. I’m intrigued by midlifes comment about the bracket screw on the light assembly being the ground. I have a very rust free car but for some reason those brackets and the screw are extremely rusted and wondering if that could be the issue. As I stated the other courtesy lights work fine to include the ones on the doors and the ones on the rear, so I don’t see the switch being an issue.

Yes, the rust you describe could be the culprit. Even a rusty screw in that bracket can wreak the continuity of the ground.

Good luck.

I had the same issue with my 70. I sprayed De-Oxit switch cleaner in the dash panel switches and turned them on and off a bunch of times. Finally can’t remember which switch but it started making contact. Be sure you use electronics De-Oxit spray or one that is advertised as SAFE for plastics or it could easily ruin the switch internals. Ive learned the hard way by messing up stereo equipment that these days would be worth good money.