70 brake booster mounting

Is there supposed to be spacers between the booster bracket and the firewall? I took this apart 20 years ago and remember some spacers. I don’t see any reference to any in the assembly manual
but I remember some when I took it apart. It’s a Bendix booster in a 70 with a 4 speed.

I may not have been the first one to take mine apart but there were no spacers on my 70.

No spacers. The nut should not be there either

I have seen a spacer on the dash side, like the steering box mounting bolts use. Here’s a photo from an untouched original ‘69.

Just to be clear - your photo shows a home made washer at the bottom hole for the stud - it’s not supposed to be there so someone added it. The yellow circle at the top left shows the factory threaded insert for power brake vehicles. That hole gets a bolt. The four studs (green circles) use self locking flanged nuts. Nothing should be added.

That car had 80k miles on it, original paint, exhaust, shocks, even FoMoCo headlights. The “homemade” washer as I stated was the same one used for the steering box bolts on the DS framerail. My 69 R code had the same washer here, so I know it wasn’t just this car. I’m sure it doesn’t need to be there, but all of the other bolts do go through a reinforced area but this one, so it makes sense.

This nut goes through the engine bay and into the pedal support. Ignore the nut, it’s there to keep me from losing the bolt, which I have a penchant for doing.

This bolt holds the backing plate on the booster:

This nut holds the dash brace, going over the bolt securing the booster to the pedal support bracket.

Ive seen this on one 70. The item looks to be the same as a spacer for the Cleveland power steering pump or maybe even the alternator.