70 Cougar proportioning valve question

I am in the process of rebuilding the proportioning valve for a 70 Cougar. It is a disc brake car. The rebuild is pretty straight forward, though I am not sure which way one of the pieces faces when doing the re-assembly. This is on the end of the valve that would be for the rear brakes (the end with the spring in it). After putting everything back in, there is this little cap that fits on the end of the spring, before you put the end cap back on. My question is this, which way does the piece that fits on the end of the spring go? It has a lip on the inside diameter of it, does that go into the middle of the spring (facing in) or face toward the outside. If anyone has an answer I would really appreciate it. If you have found a good diagram that shows how the pieces all go back in, that would be even better. What I have found on line does not explain well which way this piece goes. Thanks in advance for the help.

Don Rush at WCCC did a video on proportioning valves that should answer your question.

Take a look at this site, https://www.musclecarresearch.com/valve-rebuild-kh