70 Eliminator & 70 XR7 Convertible - The Blues Brothers

Well when’s the last time you saw a 70 Eliminator and a 70 XR7 convertible parked side by side?

When’s the last time you saw two that were both blue?

…and when’s the last time they were owned by brothers?

LOL, well that’s me and my brother. I talked him into going to a car show with me today. It rained 80% of the time but we had fun and represented the Cougar family with pride.

Nice, I’m jealous :oncoming_automobile:

Both are very nice Cougars. Hope the young boy enjoyed the show as much as you do…

The 5 year old is my grandson and I hope one day he’s able to show this picture to someone and say, “Yeah, that’s me in front of my grandfather’s Eliminator back in 2019.”

Right now he calls it’s Papa’s Turbo car.

Now these are the rides ‘Jake and Elroy’ should have been in! Next time, if there is one, today’s “Blues Brothers” can have much classier rides. Can’t you just see it? “Jake, we’re putting ‘the Band’ back together again and this time we are going to be riding in High Style!”

Nice pics! Great job not letting the rain keep you from having a good time!

Before you know it, that kid will be asking Papa for the keys :slight_smile:

Cgrhj50, I’d like to see all our old favorites remade with Cougars in them!!!

Mike B., my son and son in law both already claim the car. I’ve simply told the wife I have to get another so they don’t fight over this one!!! LOL

Nice Blues Mobiles !!, But fix the lighter