70 standard black door panels without speaker holes

Asking for a friend who needs a set of 70 standard black door panels in really good condition without the speaker holes cut in them.

Hello Scott,

I have a set of Black Standard Door panels w/ Armrests if needed. Also have the matching Rear Interior Panels and complete Rear Seat.
All in excellent condition. Some photos of the door panels (not cleaned up) that are still attached to the doors can be viewed here:
https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1E1taZWHH_ra6ERMtwCeetfaFj5GvR-tR Please P-M or email if interested. Thank you.

Thanks. I sent him an email this morning with the link. They look great to me. If he likes them, then I’ll get you directly in touch with him. Thanks for the quick response.

Hello Scott,

Sounds good and thanks. Enjoy the remainder of this Holiday weekend.