71-73 Center Console and 3-Row Radiator

Center Console looks to be originally Ginger on the underside, but top side has been painted or dyed black. Underside of clock area was cut/modified to install a 74 ‘digital’ clock. Includes ashtray housing (but no ashtray)/and console storage ‘bucket’. Console lid has been professionally recovered by a blind-man with no sense of touch, and palsy.
$150 OBO + shipping

Radiator is a 3-row aftermarket from at least 20 years ago. Was used only briefly, then stored. The core passages are completely clean and look as new, except for the tiny bit of oxidation from being exposed to the air. Front-side cooling fins look perfect with nice paint, 3 or 4 areas on the engine-side that need re-straightening (and faded paint). On the plastic tag affixed to the core by a wire, “CRAIG 371940 JAN”.
$125 OBO + shipping

No pictures yet, just trying to gauge if there’s any interest in these items before I invest much time.