71 Rocker Molding Questions

Trying to reinstall rocker molding and can’t recall or find a picture of which direction the nylon clips/retainers were originally installed. Might make sense that they (Mercury/Ford engineers) used the same orientation as other years.

Also can anyone confirm the black strip finish on the molding - gloss, semi-gloss or satin ?


Here is the image from the MPC for the 1971 Cougar ( clips, fasteners and exterior trim ). It shows the rocker panel molding clips, with their p/n. I had a look at the 1969 page for comparison, and since the orientation of that clip to the rocker panel is correct, I’m going to assume that the orientation for the 1971 is also correct. The definitive ‘view’ would be from a Jim Osborn Assembly manual reprint - but I don’t think it exists ?

As to the type of black used on the molding itself, I had a look at the NOS sets ( 1969 ) I have - both standard and the sport special versions, and the black is a satin. Definitely not gloss nor is it semi-gloss.
Hope this helps.


Will see if they would work in that orientation

I had a look at these examples of NOS D1ZZ-6510182-S clips ( in the original style nylon beige and also in black - an even later service replacement part ? ) and all of them, on the side having the Ford Part numbers imprinted on them, have an “UP” designation in the “upper” left corner. This orientation matches what I saw in the Ford MPC illustration.