72 cougar convertible seats the same as mustang?

Can anyone please help me. I’m looking for seat covers and I found a set for a mustang. Same year72, convertible. Will they fit? I think they would but I’m not sure ? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

They will fit. But will not match your back seat. Have you looked at West Coast Classic Cougar?

As Badcatt said, the Mustang covers will fit your seat frames, but the upholstery pattern is completely different. Also, 72 was a changeover year for the rear seat belts, which went to retractors mid-year. The quarter trim panel and seat bottom shape changed, so make sure you’re getting the correct upholstery.

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I’m very happy that I went to this forum. Thank you guys very much for your information so far. I am definitely looking more into the Mustang ones because they are four times cheaper than I found from CJ pony parts. I will pay very close attention to the rear seat can’t really tell from pictures online, so I will soon find out and let you guys know. And I do have the retractable seat belts so hopefully that is not an issue.

If you order the upholstery shown for a '73, you should be okay. Not sure how far off the convertible upholstery is, but the coupe is very different.

The 1972 Cougar and 1972 Mustang share the same seat frames. The foam and the upholstery is completely different.