8B9 427 Hydraulic side oiler block

Is an I scratch hydraulic side oiler block dated 8B9 a good date for a GT-E?

Sounds perfect if it is a couple weeks prior to the build date, and drilled for hydraulic lifters.

Great, I ran across one and went ahead and picked it up and have it in my possession. It is standard bore and is a really nice block.

If you don’t need it I know some one that does need it for a GT-E.

I just need to clear up a couple little questions that I have and I will get you more information on this block for your friend or customer.

Ops! I spoke too soon. Turns out that date won’t work as the car I was thinking of was actually prototype / promo car that needed an earlier date.

Almost right for my GT-E but no love there either as my car was built the day before this one was cast.

I am sure it will find a good home.

All good, it’s here if someone needs it or it’s a nice spare for me to keep.