A Mustang for soccer moms?

“Putting the name Mustang on an all-wheel-drive, four-door crossover is insulting to the Mustang clubs and Mustang enthusiasts who’ve supported this product for more than five decades. I’m imploring Ford to hear our voices and respect Mustang heritage and not bastardize it this way.”

Please sign the petition and post this everywhere on the web: https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/mustang-expert-launches-petition-to-change-mach-e-name/ar-BBX3uRy



12,504 signatures so far.

It could happen. Remember the Ford 500? :grin:

I honestly think this is a PR move to gain buzz good or bad to create hype. This is fords first real attempt at a performance full electric car. And with the f150 electric coming they don’t want it to be a flop. One thing for sure is they sure made almost every ford gear head mad with that car wearing the mustang badge.

I would have to agree, simply could have called it the Mach E and been ok with it. It does not even resemble a mustang of any kind so it’s kinda a far fetched idea to call it one. I liked the idea of a full electric performance mustang, that would be something worthy of the name.

The Ford 500 was an intentional one year vehicle. The new Taurus was ready for production, but many tens of thousands of the previous Taurus body style needed to be built to use up the parts on hand. So the 500 was introduced as the final build - out of the earlier Taurus happened.

I kind of like it in it’s own way. I really don’t think the petition will do anything. I read that Ford has already sold out the first run of 50,000. I don’t hold a lot of faith in the article because it was not on Fords website.

After the overwhelming negative reaction to the Mach 1 nameplate they originally chose, they backed off. They seemed to understand that being disrespectful of the original heritage in that name was a dumb idea.

But then they forged on, and slapped “Mustang” in front of a barely-changed “Mach E”, proving that they had no idea why people were upset in the first place.

It’s like Ford invited a Nazi cosplayer to a Jewish synagogue, and then when people did their best to politely explain what a horrible idea that was, Ford apologized, came back, and brought in a Hitler instead!

Like so many have said, even with the gauche Mustang styling cues on this SUV, it’s not the problem. Maybe it’s an okay vehicle. Trying to tell everyone it’s a Mustang is the problem.

Either way, people are talking about it. That’s likely enough to get several ford execs Christmas bonuses that could pay off our houses…

Falcon-E, Maverick-E , Ford-E, E-Pony ,
almost any thing would be better … :wall:


Ok, at last I think the link works now. Yes, they did sell directly to women.

Happens all the time. Remember these?

I can understand putting the Cougar name onto a completely new platform. But the Mustang platform still exists. It’s more comparable to when they put the Cougar name on the entire midsize platform in the 70’s, including the stationwagon >.<

To play devil’s advocate a bit, I think they had to use the Mustang brand for this car. “Mach-E” is a bit cheesy but it’s in direct competition to Tesla, they had to make it stand out and not be just another generic Ford SUV. Also, it’s not a Nissan Leaf. The GT version is going to have 600+ lb-ft of torque.

Just because you put the Mustang name on it doesn’t make it not just another generic SUV. Lots of people will buy it just for what it is (an electric stationwagon), but by putting the Mustang name on it they have ensured that a lot of people will NOT buy it, just because of the name.

I cringe at the thought of having to walk past these things at car shows in the very near future.

Will it perform like a beast? Of course. But this isn’t the first time that the Mustang (and when I say “Mustang”, I mean the real actual Mustang, not the stationwagon) has not been top of the performance fleet. I have no beef with that. But I do have a problem with Ford’s attempt at sleight of hand, as if they could just slip this flying brick into the existing Mustang family and pass it off as another Mustang.

I’m constantly reminded of Sesame Street when I see that picture of the Mach-E amongst the Mustangs…


I agree they used the name since it is already a highly recognizable nameplate, but I think it’s a shame. However, that’s what happens when truck sales drive the American market (especially the Ford brand), crappy new cars get model names everyone knows and remembers.

…when do I get at shot at buying a 4-door Mustang F150 Harley Davidson Edition Mach-E GT? >.>

…when do I get at shot at buying a 4-door Mustang F150 Harley Davidson Edition Mach-E GT? >.>


I for one can’t wait till the Mustang Mach-Eco electric moped comes out! All hail the genius of Ford’s management!

falls over, sobers up, wakes up many hours later

Wow, I had the craziest dream last night…

I dont know if you have also twigged, that GM is about to do a similar thing with its own “ halo car “ the Corvette is to become its own separate brand line.
Just as Ford is developing the mustang platform towards multiple models, GM is going to develop multiple model on the Corvette.
This must be the Detroit current “bright idea” by the current marketing graduates …lol