Any news on the availability of 69-70 driver doors?

A few years ago, there was chatter that the doors might be reproduced for 69-70s. Any recent news? Mine has a door that might as well be from a different model car given how badly it fits after some really poor repairs, so replacing is probably my only option.

Dynacorn is slowly releasing parts. The 69 hood, fenders, rear valence, and deck lid are now available. They won’t give ETA’s on anything, apparently.

That’s something. I’ll need a driver’s fender as well. I’m not 100% sure what happened, but I know the fender was replaced and the door fits just plain oddly. The A-pillar may have had some work, so a T-Bone or side slide into a pole at the door seam might explain it.

Once they release the quarters, I hope they make a ton of them.