Anybody near Plymouth MI? I need a Maverick Inspected

My buddy is interested in the car linked below, which seems nice in the pics, but might be the world’s most expensive Maverick.

If anyone is local to the car, and has the time/inclination to give it a good going over & pick up a few hundred for your efforts, I’d love to hear from you.

Link, dealer address below.

Vanguard Motor Sales
15100 Keel Street
Plymouth, MI 48170


Anybody that is not local to the car, please don’t feel left out. If you have the time/inclination to look at the pics, etc. & pick it apart right here in this thread, that’d be helpful (it just doesn’t pay that well, LOL).


Looks like a nice and solid car. I can’t say much for the asking price.

I’m local and I’d be happy to take a look at the car. I’ve owned a crusty 4 door Comet back in the day so I’ve got that going for me! I could make it over Thursday late afternoon, Friday morning, or this weekend.


Thanks Todd. I will circle back with you shortly via PM. I want to coordinate with my buddy to avoid wasting your time.

No problem Chris. My schedule has changed a bit. I’m booked tomorrow afternoon and Friday PM now.

I would start my offer about $15K on that one.

Thanks guys. I agree on the price comments. Ultimately it’s not my $ or my dream, but I don’t want my buddy (who is also a treasured client) to have any regrets. He loves cars & classic cars, but is not a car guy in the sense that he’d be turning wrenches or anything.

My concerns w/the car based on the pics:

  • line lock & the new rear tires (that don’t match the fronts) hint at a drag racing or hoonigan history that I’d want to understand if possible (not that I’d begrudge someone spinning a tire now and again :wink: )
  • auxiliary wiring under hood (passenger side apron looks neatly done but possibly suspect
  • big cam, 3000 stall converter might not be that street-friendly
  • still got an 8" rear in it, which might be OK
  • 3:55 rear gear NG for highway cruising
  • no power steering
  • manual disks/drums might be more pedal effort & less braking power than my buddy is used to

Sure, we could put an AOD in it, big disk brakes & maybe PS, but trying to stay away from a project car, especially at this price point.