AOD rebuild acting up

Here we go again!
Just took the car out for the second time after the rebuilt AOD transmission was installed 2 months ago.
And again the car once in drive start to over rev like it’s in neutral!
Had a pressure tester on it and had it setup at 36.
I may have driven 1 mile in total.
What might be wrong and did I drive it far enough to screw up the transmission?

I’d double check the fluid level when it’s fully warm. Also think about the dip stick reading. Is it at the factory position and giving you an accurate reading?

Fluid level is spot on. Original dip stick.
It was setup as all research and videos said to. It was maybe half a block when I noticed the slipping of drive or maybe the overdrive. So to me that sounds like a rebuild issue.

Make sure that your linkage matches the detent inside to transmission to the shifter inside the car. Meaning, drive means drive inside at the manual valve

It does. But what I did notice is. With the car an jack stands and it’s in neutral the wheels spin. The transmission guy said that normal. When on the ground it will not move. He was correct. Reverse is good.

How does it respond in manual 1st? Does it go forward? If it does the one way clutch is the cause. If no change and reverse works, then the forward clutch is leaking

If I am interpreting this correctly. When in drive, the trans will go through 1st, shift into 2nd and then when it should go to 3rd it revs and feels like neutral?
Does the fluid have a burnt clutch odor? If so I’d say you lost the direct clutch.
If not, a couple common things are the direct shaft snapped or splines stripped. The damper in the torque convertor broke free. Perhaps the snap-ring popped out of the direct clutch.

You guys know your stuff!
It’s snowing out for me to try 1st and then 2nd but if I remember correctly when in drive and revving like in neutral. I did put it in a lower gear to keep her rolling.
As for the fluid I checked to make sure the level was good. Remember I just got this back from the transmission guy 2 months ago ( side job in his garage) it had no fluid. I put close to 11 litres and when I checked it after the short drive it was at a perfect level and no burnt smell. The colour was a nice reddish pink just like it was when added.
You think it was an error on his part? As for me I really can’t see what I did would have made this transmission do what it’s doing.
If I hookup a gauge to the transmission again and check the reading on 1st,2nd and drive. Would that tell me something and if so what number’s should I be looking for?

Perhaps the snap-ring popped out of the direct clutch.
Still at the end of the day. It sounds like I’m pulling the transmission

Yes, pulling the transmission.
Did you ever have 3rd? Or was it this way since you’ve installed it?

I only drove it maybe a mile in total after I installed it. It seems like I get 3rd or drive. But I’m thinking I’m not getting overdrive

You will have to be specific on what is working and what is not. The AOD has 4 speeds. When explaining, call the speeds by number 1, 2, 3, 4.
AOD is kinda funny with it being a 4 speed and the shifter only has 3 forward positions. If you think you aren’t getting 4th, but you do have 3rd…then it is possible your OD band is not applying. A test to do while driving would be to get manual 2nd and see if you have engine braking. The AOD can be manually shifted. Start in 1, get the car to about 25 mph, then shift to 2 and immediately back to 1. Basically a 1-2-1 with the shifter. Now it will manually hold 2nd. Keep going in manual 2nd and climb to about 30-35 mph then take your foot off the gas. There should be engine braking. If the rpms fall down to idle and you coast free, then the OD band is not holding. It is a common mistake for people that don’t build AOD very often to miss the band when installing the OD servo.
On a shifter in a car originally equipped with an AOD, it would have P,R,N,OD,D,L. The stock Cougar shifter has the same number of positions, but they are labeled differently…P,R,N,D,2,1. If you think you are missing 3rd. Move your shift lever to Cougar’s 2 position. This would cancel overdrive and the AOD would only shift 1-2-3. If it does get 3rd, then that verifies your direct clutch, direct shaft and damper in the convertor are all working.
Let us know.

That is some very interesting information.
I will have to wait until the snow is off the roads. It’s calling for more snow this weekend. But as soon as the roads clear up I will most definitely try that.
If it turns out to just be an overdrive band issue. What would my next step be?

If it is an OD band that is off the servo, either pull the VB and hope the fanagle the OD band in place. Or, probably better off to pull the trans and take it to the guy that rebuilt it.

Well I’d like to thank you for your advice and information. I guess I’ll just have to wait until this guy comes to look at it and drive it. I will let you know what happens and what I end up doing
Thanks again