Are they factory?

I will start out by saying I am waiting on a Marti report.

Having owned my Cougar for exactly a week now I am starting to serious my original plan of replacing my current wheels with 15" magnum 500’s. The current 14" wheels are growing on me. Outside of reading the Marti report is there a way to tell if what I have are factory original?

Those are original wheels with non-original trim rings. Or at least original-style reproduction wheels with incorrect trim rings. The correct trim rings are #C7ZZ-1210. Very few cars came with them from the factory, at least in my experience. I’ve only had one car come with them from the factory, out of a disturbingly large sample size. Magnums are a popular upgrade, if yours came with them per the Marti report, I’d say keep them around. If not, put them on here (or FB marketplace) for the next guy.

I want to say that the original 1969-70 styled steel wheels (14 x 6) were riveted together, and the reproductions are welded. Not positive if that is the hard and fast rule for all reproduction versions of that wheel though.

Yup, the original Kelsey Hayes styled steel wheels were riveted. Another way to tell from the front if they are original is a stamped manufacturer and date code at the valve stem as pictured.

If yours are original, and you decide to replace them, PM me. I need one or possibly two that are actually still round. I know others here that had been looking for one or two as well.

It’s hard to find them that haven’t been knocked out of round. Makes the car shake like a tire balance problem.

Thats great info.

I think I am sticking with the 14’s.

These Mercury style steel wheels both in the chromed and painted versions are the best looking factory mag wheel ever IMHO.

  • Phillip