August 2012 Ride of the Month is: Chris G's '69 R Code Vert

High-School Sweet Heart

Did you ever have a crush on that cute girl that lived down the street? For Chris it wasn’t a girl that stole his heart, it was a pretty yellow Cougar convertible.

Can you blame him?

And as so often the case her friends are pretty hot as well

What can you say except: Chicks dig it!

So how about it Chris? Time to tell us the rest of the story?

Grats to you, Chris. If anyone else has seen this car in person then you will concur that it looks even better the closer you look. Absolutely stunning vehicle.
Do you still let your wife get up and sit on the car like that?
Also, my apologies for calling the car “meadowlark” yellow. A guy really has to watch what he types on these forums!

Another amazing ROTM. Congratulations Chris!

Congratulations, Chris!

Yeah…neat car!

Chris congrats on winning ROTM. Beautiful Cougar. The ROTM banner picture on the top of the page…WOW!!


You have to watch this video with Chris getting on it a few times!

Congrats Chris, nice looking cat and of course being it a vert :beerchug:

Don thanks for posting that link. I never get tired of watching that episode of American Muscle Car. Great coverage on our Cougars and it’s also great to see Chris getting down on his cat! :thumbup:

Another beautiful rare car for ROTM. Congrats Chris

Thanks all, for your votes & enthusiasm. We just returned from a 2 week, RT road trip from MA to FL, so I’m thinking “couch & beer”, since the very notion of getting behind the wheel makes my rear end hurt.

The rest of the stories surrounding the car should not be imortalized online, but I’m happy to tell them in person. My buddy Phil appears at 2:21 on the video Don posted (thanks Don). We had a blast at the AMC filming with the other Cougar guys & gals.